In the waters of Miami Bombarda has roared back again.

And this time has made it in the best possible way by conquering the first place after three days in which the team immediately placed himself in the first positions.

Bombarda’s team, composed of Andrea Pozzi, Matteo Ivaldi, Stefano Ciampalini, Carlo Zermini, Nicholas Dal Ferro, guided by Coach Giulio Desiderato and the components of the shore team Federico Valenti, Anna Piazze, Paolo Figini and Hermann Casse, has conquered the first place in the Bacardi regatta that took place in the waters of Miami between the 7th and the 9th of March.

The success has been obtained thanks to the usual values that always characterized our team: commitment, dedication, partnership and teamwork.

Let’s enjoy the moment and thank everyone that pulled together and allowed the reaching of this wonderful goal.

It’s been a terrific come back and this is just the beginning of a challenging season.

See you in May at Malcesine for the next meeting,

Thanks everyone and …. Forza Bombarda!